BA in Travel and Tourism


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BA in Travel and Tourism

It is globally acknowledged that the travel and tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace. The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in Travel and Tourism program that we offer is unique in its kind since it perfectly combines sound academics with business-related training to solve the current and future problems of the industry. This program provides a good understanding of the language and structure of travel and tourism management. The subjects in this course are designed to provide a sophisticated body of knowledge by integrating critical strategies and techniques. We will prepare you for the challenges in both the national and international arena.

The faculty includes a leading academic staff and experts from the industry. A special course on current trends in the industry keeps our students on track of recent developments of the industry. In this program, students learn how to analyze and respond as managers to such environmental factors as changing laws, economic challenges, technological changes, union activities, cultural issues, and domestic and international trends in Travel and Tourism. You will learn the formal and systematic management methods of directing and motivating group efforts towards achieving the organization’s primary objective and the optimal allocation of resources. Since Travel and Tourism Management is a specialized area of study, the requirements for this concentration are more extensive than those for the other management areas

Travel agents must be capable of creating entire travel packages, including booking travel tickets, reserving lodging and planning events. Tourism property managers will require more skills in food service, hospitality management, communication skills, critical thinking and supervisory skills. Students must gain all the skills necessary to deal professionally with foreign guests and business partners. The qualifications obtained by this intensive exposure to the industry will distinguish UTM’s students from others. UTM helps you to gain the skills and qualification to connect with people from different cultures, impress guests with impeccable service and assist travelers to have the most rewarding experiences


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