Dairy Dilemma Solving In Xinjiang: The Industrialization Of Breaking A “bottleneck” Of The


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Dairy Dilemma Solving In Xinjiang: The Industrialization Of Breaking A “bottleneck” Of The

Urumqi dairy farmers has complained Urumqi County, Township 40 Zhuang village of farmers in Guangdong Ma Zhanfu bowed head, to a vat Milk Down in the cow dung.

“Who can expect fresh milk market will be the case! 1.3 yuan to one kilogram of no one, let alone make money, and even take into account the stakes are.” Ma Zhanfu counting the statement to reporters: 1 15 kg cattle eat feed, feed 2.08 yuan per kilogram, a cattle feed per day 30 per count money, not including water, electricity and labor costs. Now one kilogram of milk from 1 to 1.3 yuan per head of cattle a day to squeeze about 28 kg of milk, the daily income of 30 yuan down.

Cattle to graze, they can not sell milk, two years ago from credit loans to buy cattle, still waiting for interest payments. Ma Zhanfu holding two cows into the slaughterhouse. Bought 14,000 yuan a year, and now by fixing prices of meat, a cow is not to even 7,000.

In the slaughterhouse, is slaying oxen, and the Eli told reporters early last year, slaying oxen, and less than 20 a day, this year until now, every day hundreds of head.

“Not I do not collect, shrinking the whole dairy market. People do not accept milk dairy company, what can I do.” Facing the 40 rural farmers Zhang and Nishimura six teams to pull the 300 kg milk, Zhou Wen-Shuangshouyitan milk station, a look of helplessness.

“I myself spent 20,000 yuan to buy a small milking machine, milk quality better than before, and they can not sell up.” Zhang and shook his head. Zhang and domesticated the 20 cows, be a big culture. Previous milk tight, Dairy Do not allow the company to sell milk at home. Present risks, and milk enterprises say what price the price that the failure to fail.

Anguish anguish behind Sanlu After the incident, milk powder exports have declined sharply in Xinjiang, a large number of imported milk powder squeeze the domestic market, Xinjiang milk into a semi-shutdown state enterprises. According to incomplete statistics, Xinjiang has more than 6,000 tons of milk powder backlog of poor sales. Therefore, milk producers will stop production strongly, more companies reducing production.

Reporter from Changji, Hutubi, Ili, Hami to learn that milk prices in Xinjiang has more than 30,000 yuan per tonne, fell from 17,000 to 20,000 yuan per ton. “Even if the price of milk sold is also fixed.” Xinjiang Yan cum Sam Woo Industrial Company executives reluctantly said: “had to Raw material Acquisition of seven to eight percent reduction in the amount of milk. “

Ili in Xinjiang Nakasu high-tech development company focused on milk powder export business, selling products at one time in Central Asia, Central Europe. Began in October last year, milk powder exports stagnated, the current backlog of milk powder have been 1600 tons. The other two in Xinjiang Dairy Big business?? Western Spring Run Dairy Dairy and day, but also because of the price drop, milk powder Production Line Had to stop production.

However, some industry insiders believe that the milk down, the surface is the “Sanlu” to blame, in fact, deep-seated problems in Xinjiang dairy concentrated reflection:

First, raw milk and the management of the disorder. Currently more than 70% of Xinjiang by the dairy farmers spread cow breeding, raw milk are the main points from the acquisition of private investment in the milk. Confusion because of competition, while Dairy Milk companies do not build their own station.

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