Jin Xiangyu Jin Foods High In Front Of Each Route Are Terrible


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Jin Xiangyu Jin Foods High In Front Of Each Route Are Terrible

I thought that the high gold Food Main business is a problem in a more systematic study, I found that it is strategically wrong. Strategic issues is not a small problem.

In the last week of “high gold food go hand in hand the terrible sad news” study, which in 2007 promised and expected four and fund-raising projects, and the final results differ significantly from those, there are two completely change In fact, only two completed the uncompleted projects?? system is not frozen meat, causing 80 million profit is expected to fall.

The beginning, I believe the reason given by the high gold food, but then, I find these reasons are outside of a stall saying?? How could a few months it appeared contradictory conclusions.

Why is this? Jin Xiangyu other ideas.

2008 6 month high gold food taken the first step away from the main business?? Invested 135 million yuan to buy a stake in Chengdu Bank 4500 million (3,000 million shares after the announcement is on behalf of holders).

Next, 28.15 million yuan Lake Beijing in Beijing, the company acquired 100% and 40 million acquisition of 51% stake in Lanzhou meat processing. The two companies contributed a net profit in 2009 were -86.18 10 000 and 806 500.

To note that the original shareholders of Lanzhou meat processing industry accounted for 51% victory in Sichuan, Mianyang City, 49% high letters. Formed after the acquisition of high gold food 51%, 24.99% and Mianyang in Sichuan Hao victory Letter 24.01%. Jin Xiangyu and the relationship between these two very ordinary shareholders.

High-stakes gold food is the largest real estate. Food for high-gold has about 200 million capital investment to the real estate industry’s argument is that “to revitalize the stock idle industrial land, feeding the main industry.” Note that inside the two signals?? First, the main industry has to die, their main business to make money has been difficult to sustain; second only to save the high real estate Gold food.

I would like to announce high gold food management and investors, this is a big risk. It is difficult to contain than the main business of the recession, the more uncontrollable.

Real estate what it do? There are currently two.

Guangyuan Jin-old factory original food to 24.5 million yuan of assets transferred to a subsidiary of high-gold property covering 32,844 square meters of land use rights and housing ownership of 27,905 square meters. The project is named “high gold?. Organ Lan Wan”, a total investment of 140 million.

High gold food items involved in real estate is the second Cuiping District, Yibin City Government Cooperation , College Road area of the district-level improvement and development in 1972 acres of land, total estimated investment of about 851 million, has invested 172 million.

I do not want a deeper study of the high gold make the two real estate projects does not make money, or loss does not lose money. Even earned, it also non-high gold main food. Loss of a main business of the company’s core competitiveness, can not rely on speculative gains to maintain the value of the company.

There are also two high-payment of food I am afraid of the facts. One is the stock of 51.07 million yuan from the end of 2008 to 1.9698 million in 2009, 2010, a quarter of 290 million. Its stock is mainly of frozen pork, frozen pork market, according to the contract and the price fell sharply, so much inventory, very dangerous.

A high debt, its short-term borrowing has reached 532 million, compared with last year’s 251.3 million increased by 104%. In case the link is not on the money, it was terrible.

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