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EGHS Drama Club presents 'Legally Blonde' the Musical
The leading roles in the “UCLA Cast” are Brooke Fennell as Elle, Jason Pieroni as Emmet, Caroline Tweedie at Paulette, Devin Kasparian as Warner and Meredith Liu as Vivienne. Although Petrucci has a talented and passionate cast to work … What's gong …

MRI and Neuroimaging Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease
The goal of this paper was to review the effectiveness of using 7-T MRI to study neuroimaging biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease (AD). The authors reviewed the literature for articles published to date on the use of 7-T MRI to study AD. Thus far, there …
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Down with India's Economic Warfare Against Nepal!
As he imposes austerity and privatization in India on behalf of the profits of the wealthy capitalists, the workers instead, including port workers, tend to resist. …. These counterrevolutionaries include the Dalai Lama, the Falun Gong, and the new …
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