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Analysts: SCMP Sale Indicates Jiang Faction Cut Funds
When Alibaba founder Jack Ma spent just over HK$ 2 billion to buy the newspaper, some analysts believe he could be considered to have found a treasure. It has been said that the Hong Kong media industry was in recession. The Malaysian tycoon Kuok …
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近日,朝鮮流行起金正恩喜歡穿的“人民裝”,一名工人還將核試驗當天誕生的兒子取名為“崔強國”。 2016年1月21日下午4:08. 新浪微博; 微信. 騰訊微博 · Facebook · Twitter · 電郵; 打印. 穿著夾克的金正日(左)和穿著人民裝的金正恩(圖片來源:朝鮮日報網). (南早中文 …
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