Liu Qian Hand Side Too New Spokesman For The Product Surface


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Liu Qian Hand Side Too New Spokesman For The Product Surface

Recently, as global chief Chinese magician Liu Qian become too new suction side

Range hood Product voice message the new term officially released, so in 2009 the market square plan was finally exposed tip of the iceberg.

This is the side too, following the 2008 Silver Core 5 Department spokesman international architects MAD quite well received, the new term in the square has long been the industry is too concerned about the product spokesperson. This contract is not only a side too and Liu Qian’s “powerful combination”, more the end of the previous line of Liu Qian endorsement of a high-end brands of various heat Negotiation guess.

Spokesperson Liu Qian Tai Fang “International reputation as a Chinese magician, Liu Qian, and in their professional accomplishments in the field for all to see, which side too has always stressed the ‘professional’ is very fit. And Liu Qian owned by aristocratic temperament and the high side too Location is also matching side. “For the hand Liu Qian, Fang too outspoken head of the Group related,” said Liu Qian’s own magic, magic feeling, and the suction side is too recent

Range Hood Shown by the magical effect of oil absorption is very fit. Liu Qian’s influence in China is no doubt that the promotion of new products is also a matter of course. Fang Taixi hope that such cooperation can make the image side so the image quality and Liu Qian is associated with the formation of the user in mind, while consolidating the party is too professional, high-end brand positioning. “In this regard, it is widely circulated with this sentence,” Liu Qian good actor, good kitchen party power “, which is very hand for the party’s spokesperson Liu Qian of the best acts of interpretation.

Liu Qian For me, the choice is Chinese and his party are too high-end brand image and good reputation: “side too inherent in the brand of professional, high-end and technology, and I actually would be similar to magic. And has been very much like my own side too brand. of course, hope my endorsement and recommendation, so that more people know about side too, like to party too. “In addition, Liu Qian also said he thought the smoke

Hood Is an essential thing that can help parents to have a good health, this is a good opportunity to promote these things. And he himself in her spare time, is the home life as the best relaxation, such attitudes can be said that the kitchen and electrical products side too strong rapport.

Industry, said the two sides of this hand, not only makes Liu Qian, famously accentuates temperament, but also pushed the square is too brilliant new peak. The spokesperson Liu Qian Fang too simple sense of not only speak for behavior, but a deeper integration. The demand side too much content and so is the temperament and the temperament Liu Qian of the magic and aligned. This deep excavation and tied perfectly with the magic show in this form can not but said it was a coup.

It is understood that the contract for Liu Qian, Fang detailed preparation has been done too much planning, the next will follow in carrying out a series of market movements.

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